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And if it doesn’t work out?

Hi, I’m Victoria. I’ll tell you why I never say that phrase from the first line.

Maybe some of you are already partially familiar with me, because I really like to participate in consultations and sales on my own, because LEVENS is my soul. This is what I live by 24/7.

Let me tell you briefly? In 2019, my father’s factory was in a state of crisis, there were almost no orders in Ukraine, so to break even would be a big holiday😄

What do they say there? Sometimes, in order to soar high, you have to fall to the very bottom in order to bounce back.

Our niche is small and has very high competition.

In order to assert oneself, one had to act “right now” and very decisively. Fortunately, my father already had cool cases, well-known Ukrainian restaurants and studios, which even then chose our parquet. But these cold calls on the base of future partners in 2019 turned out to be another test for me😄

We took and called by list and offered our products to most of the famous partners (if you remember it – hello to all 😁), because we were at the beginning of the path in which we were just beginning to understand everything as it should be. However, it is this path from an unprofitable factory to a successful Ukrainian business that today allows us to understand all the needs, feelings and expectations of the client when choosing our products🙌🏼

It is this understanding that allows me to impart certain skills and ideologies to my team so that everyone works together in a true and grounded love of the product.
If you asked me now if I wanted to go all that way again and continue it, I would definitely start pushing myself off that bottom as soon as possible. Therefore, it will be further 🙃

Shall we talk?)

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