Ukraine, Kyiv
Moskovskaya 46/2

Who is this?



Hello! We are LEVENS and we have our own parquet board production, which was purchased by our family in 2009.

Also, we are one of the largest factories
by volume on the territory of Ukraine. Currently, our company is a family business, the development of which is carried out by the whole family and team
from 90 professionals.

Our production is located in the city of Rafalivka, Rivne region, in a safe environment and in a convenient location for deliveries to European countries.

Pillars of our philosophy.

1. Family

As a family business, we think ahead and approach things thoughtfully and sustainably. For us, every partner, client, contractor, employee is part of our family.

The more than 10-year history of our family company is characterized by rational thinking and actions. We are aware of our responsibility and carry it with pleasure and dedication – for society, for the environment, for people, for Ukraine.

Every floor covering from LEVENS is guaranteed to be of high quality and will bring pleasure for a long time, because LEVENS is a floor with natural beauty and family comfort.

2. Loyalty

The LEVENS floor is not only beautiful to look at and to the touch, but also contains no harmful substances. For this, we use certified materials according to all quality standards.

Thus, our floors certainly contribute to a high level of healthy lifestyle and well-being. LEVENS is passionate about natural beauty.

We love to process and enhance natural materials. Every day we use all our knowledge and experience so that the perfection of nature can be felt on our floors.

3. Product

As a leading producer of parquet in Ukraine, we combine traditions of craftsmanship with new technologies.
This is how we produce floor coverings of the highest quality: for greater comfort: during installation and care, for long-term enjoyment of life, work and everyday life.
The development and production of environmentally friendly products is as natural to us as a high level of innovation and modern design.


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